If your kid has any of these Challenges, We have the Solution……………..

Who are we ?

  • We are a team of trained coaches/educationists, worked together for the last 3 years to build this product.
  • We are NLP Trained / Certified.
  • We hold 10+years of experience working in analytics.

What is SSE ?

A productivity-increasing product, built on analytics over the student’s time resulting in continuous improvement of their Academic Scores.

For Whom is SSE for ?

Students from VIII Grade to XII Grade, who are all currently in the academic average score of 65% and above, and who wish to raise their scores to 98% plus.

What does student’s take away from SSE?

  • Raise in Academic Scores, Consistently
  • Increase in Self Realization
  • Higher Accountability
  • Handling time, stress, focus, and minimize distractions.
  • Working Result Oriented.

How does SSE Works?

It’s a 1 Year frame work, where we asses, analyze, frame a customized learning plan for individual students and help them to implement that to see the improvement.