Having a website or a web application online is the first step to gain results for your business on the web, it doesn’t end there, the actual process and responsibility starts there. Pure success depends on how well your website or web application is maintained on the web.

We at Nikarpam, provide web maintenance as a core service where we take your responsibility of maintaining your website with the required standards and attention.

With our web maintenance packages you can focus on your business while we act as your web partner to take care of your website by managing the same with the professional touch.

We extend our support to be available when your website needs updates, fixes, redesign, etc. We provide priority support for your queries on achieving better online results.


  • Retaining your web originality of the website.
  • Maintain your website and hosting by updating the core and ensuring uptime and security.
  • Provide immediate assistance for restoration in case of any issues.
  • Provide support on minor updates and fixes.
  • Keeping your on-page details updated.
  • Timely updates and reminders for your domain and hosting.
  • Support for your hosting server, mail servers and analytics.
  • Overall proactive support.

Advanced web maintenance packages which covers generic website maintenance, digital marketing support and social media assistance are also available.